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This term UCL are offering students aged 12-18 immersive weekend experiences in 13 different STEM and Medicine-related careers. Learn from top doctors, engineers, psychologists, investment bankers and more. Students can attend in-person at UCL or online. Other options include the Universities of Bristol, Birmingham, Manchester and Edinburgh.

They expect to be fully-booked for many of these programmes by September 30th. Students can click on any career below to see full details and register now.


Click on any career below to register for an experience :

Architecture: Use pioneering software to create 3D models
Cyber Security: Become a white hat hacker and pen-test a 'secure' system
Data Science: Use big data to salvage a business on the brink of collapse
Dentistry: Practise fillings and drill into decayed teeth
Engineering: Use AI to design the next autonomous vehicle
Forensic Science: Gather evidence, match fingerprints and analyse blood
Investment Banking: Build a winning portfolio and trade stocks live
Medicine: Read patient X-rays, ECGs and blood tests
Nursing: Watch a live wound care demonstration and try it out yourself
Psychology: Advise the police during a live hostage negotiation
Software Engineering: Discover the world of full-stack engineering 
Vet: Experience a live veterinary surgery simulation
Video Game Designer: Build your own spellbinding game in Unity