After-school Clubs

Secondary Term 5 Clubs
Tuesday Year 7 Football and Rounders and Year 7 Dragons
Wednesday Year 9 Rounders and Year 8 Dragons

 Also homework club for Year 7 runs from Monday to Friday (Full)

Primary Term 5 Clubs


3pm – 4:15pm

BRAIN GYM (Years 1 & 2) - Mrs Finch. 5 weeks - £22.50

Come along and challenge yourself to solve problems

BOYS and GIRLS FOOTBALL (Years 1-6) – Thanet Sports Coaching- 5 weeks - £20.00

This club will look to develop the skills and techniques needed to play football up to tournament standard. Children will need shin pads. Football boots or astro boots are advisable.

NETBALL CLUB (Years 5 & 6) – Miss Spellward.  5 weeks - £22.50

The children have the opportunity to work in groups which develops teamwork and co-operation. They will be taught invasion skills within the school. This is a great place to learn new skills in a fun environment and possibly go on to represent the school at local tournaments.


3pm – 4:15pm

RAPID FIRE CRICKET (Year 2) - Mr Cook. 6 weeks - £27.00

A simplified version of cricket where batters strike 3 balls then try to score points. Fielders cannot move until the third ball has been struck. This is a great way to develop striking skills and allows all to succeed.

TENNIS (Years 3 - 6) - Mrs Wright. 6 weeks - £27.00

Develop your bat and ball skills. Children will learn to serve, rally and score with a slow ball, as well as learning the movement and coordination skills required for the full game of tennis.


3pm – 4:15pm

BALL SKILLS/ ROUNDERS (Years 3 - 6)-ALLSTARZ. 6 weeks - £25.00

Come along and practice those ball skills looking at throwing, catching, hitting and tactical development.  It encourages turn taking, sharing and team building.

KWIK CRICKET (Years 3 - 6) - Mr Cook. 6 weeks - £27.00

Batters work in pairs to score as many runs as possible. Children will practise batting, bowling, and fielding with this short form of cricket.


3pm – 4:15pm

YOGA (Years 1 & 2) ALLSTARZ.  6 weeks - £25.00

 A superb way to end the day. Miss Dorman (Allstarz) will be taking children on a journey through yoga poses. They will look at breathing, play, balance and stretching through the term.

CREATIVE CLUB (Years 1 & 2) –Mrs Finch. 6 weeks - £27.00

The purpose of the creative club is to simulate interest in creative ideas among students triggering their inner creativity. Students will create various objects that they can take home to share with you.

RUNNING/ ATHLETICS CLUB (Years 3 - 6) - Mrs Wright. 6 weeks - £27.00

This club will help develop your child into a great all round athlete looking at balance, co-ordination, agility, flexibility, strength, stamina and speed.


3pm – 4:15pm

MULTISPORTS (Years 1 & 2) – ALLSTARZ. 6 weeks - £25.00

An opportunity to play many fun games that develop hand-eye coordination and ball skills.