What The Pupils Say

Here are some comments from our year 7s about their start at St George's.


When I first came to this school I was feeling ok because I knew most people who coming here. My favourite lesson is biology because you get to see cells up closely.


When I first walked through the gates, my friend was already far off ahead of me and I realised it was the first time that I was alone. When I saw the teachers and talked to them, I felt better knowing that I was going to have a good school term. My form tutor sat me next to a super nice girl who I’m still friends with her now! All the teachers were super nice and helped me feel more comfortable when settling in. Now I’m enjoying myself, I have amazing teachers and amazing friends. I’m glad I came to this school.


When I walked in the school all I thought was “Wow this place is big!” It was scary at first but I knew I would find a new friend. The teachers are really nice and welcoming and encouraging. The first day was ok because I was trying to get the gist of things and I know I would eventually get lost but there were teachers to help. The first class was fun meeting the teacher and I couldn’t wait for the future after Covid.


When I started year seven, I was a little bit scared but the teachers were helpful. The teachers are really helpful if you have any worries, problems or need help with anything. I normally had trouble settling in my next years group when I moved here it only took a little while to settle and I feel safe and feel that I can trust all the teachers and the teachers are amazing I am very happy that I go here, and I am proud to be a student here.


When I first joined I felt anxious as I didn’t know a lot of people. I felt comfortable by the end of the day as everyone was very helpful and knew how to help. I felt talking to family and friends helped my nerves go. It wasn’t the same as I thought it would be but over time it has become better. I am happy here and I am so happy I made this choice.



It might seem frightening but there is nothing to worry about. When I came to St George’s I was very shy but all of the wonderful teachers helped me to gain confidence and to grow. I made lots of friends after starting out with none. If I am sad my year support will always be there to help me with whatever I’m dealing with.



Coming from primary school to high school was amazing I was welcomed. Coming to this school has changed me as a person. I was shy on the first day but now I feel like I have been here for years. Every class is amazing. It is so organised. St George’s is a great welcoming organised school.


I found it exciting entering a new school, I’ve made lots of new friends and it’s not as scary as it seems. I find secondary school better than primary school. Overall I find learning much easier and friendships are better.


I was very nervous about moving to secondary school and I only had one person I knew. But the teachers were very kind and I made a couple of new great friends. The move is a lot less scary than you think. The teachers also helped me with my learning and helped me online during lockdown as well.


I started St George’s as a shy girl with just one friend. I was so nervous for the first day of school and I was so shy. Now we are more than halfway through the year and I have seven friends and I’m no longer shy. The transition from primary to secondary is not as scary as you think it is. St George’s has helped me to grow my confidence. I feel happy in this school.