Our House System

Our House System has been in place since 1976.  The FORMER Girls' and Boys' Schools had different Houses and it was necessary after the merger to have new House names.

A competition among the pupils to find the new names resulted in the Cathedral Cities of Canterbury, Exeter, Rochester, Salisbury, Winchester (Green) and York (Yellow) being chosen. The previous House names are described on our School History Page. We reorganised the House System after the increase in numbers in each year group which began in the early 21st Century.  This eventually resulted in Winchester and York being disbanded, along with the short-lived Gloucester (Grey) and Norwich (Pink).

The Primary school class names are based around the 4 Cathedral Cities and things closely linked to them. In Reception, we have Whitefriars and Westgate.  In Year 1, we have Cavalier and Castle.  In Year 2, Dickens and Ocelot, in Year 3, we have Stonehenge and Magna Carta.  In Year 4, we have Constable and Avon, Year 5 Drake and Dartmoor and in Year 6 Tor and Exmoor.

CanCanterbury royal blueterbury - Blue




Exeter orangeExeter - Orange




Rochester redRochester - Red




Salisbury purpleSalisbury - Purple