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Physics (GCSE)

ST Georges Day 2 051

Subject Vision


“A broad, stimulating and enjoyable curriculum, that engages, motivates and challenges all pupils, giving them the knowledge, skills and understanding to grow as individuals, preparing them for the next stage in their lives”

In Science, we incorporate the curriculum vision by:


  • Teaching a range of topics across the sciences that stretch students’ knowledge, understanding and skills.
  • Topics such as fundamentals of Biology, Chemistry and Physics, and investigative skills.


  • Encouraging interest and enthusiasm through inquisitive and investigative learning that allows students to take ownership of their own discoveries and draw valid conclusions.


  • In Science, a range of learning techniques are implemented to make the subject enjoyable and accessible for all students, e.g. research based inquiry, experimental and practical work as well as field studies.


  • Developing an understanding and awareness of how real life situations and current affairs are linked to an understanding and appreciation for science such as health and disease, climate change and global warming, intensive cattle farming and technological advances.


  • Making links between the different topics in Science and the potential careers that can stem from an interest in those topic.
  • Learning about future pathways after GCSE or Applied Science and the wide range of careers that a qualification in science can offer.


  • Strengthening students’ examination skills by practising a wide range of revision skills and strategies throughout the course.  



Pupils in year 9-11 will be given weekly homework tasks, set on a Friday and due on a Thursday, to complete for each topic covered.

Tasks will mainly be set online at Educake for students | Educake - Online Formative Assessment for Homework and Classwork

Pupils are provided with a user name and their password can be reset by their class teacher.

Check the Curriculum Year information for lesson information.

Year 7 Click Here
Year 8 Click Here
Year 9 Click Here
Year 10 Click Here
Year 11 Click Here
Sixth Form Click Here


Our Learning Journey

Year 9, 10 and 11 will be doing 1 science per year.

Each science subject has 2 papers, each 1 hour 45 mins in length. There is no coursework in any Science GCSE.

Physics learning journey

GCSE Revision Information - KS4

General Information (Useful Information for Parents)

Students will study Physics GCSE for 1 year and take 2 exams, (Paper 1 and Paper 2), at the end of that year. This may be in year 9, 10 or 11.

A link to the Specification for the GCSE is below which gives details of the whole course and its content – Click Here


A great website for revision is COGNITO


Personal Learning Checklist

Paper 1

Paper 2

Example Exam Questions/Model Answers

Pearson website past papers - Click Here

SharePoint link to practice papers and mark schemes – Click Here

Revision Materials/Sharepoint

SharePoint link to Physics revision – Click Here

All students have access to teams where a lot of revision resources are available and updated regularly.

Logging into SharePoint

Pupils must log in with their username as their usual computer login followed by (e.g. and their usual password they use to log on to school laptops

Teams link to Physics revision groupClick Here

All students have been added to a Microsoft teams revision group for their subject. Revision and advice is posted regularly so keep checking in.

Logging into teams

Pupils must log in with their username as their usual computer login followed by (e.g. and their password – this can be reset if forgotten, just let your teacher know.

Key Word Booklets
Physics Keywords Whole Booklet – Click Here
Revision Materials and Useful Links
Educake Homework/Revision Website – Click Here Tasks will be set by the class teacher for homework but student can also set themselves questions for revision.
Free Revision app To find out how to download – Click Here Download the free app on your phone to revise on the go – it is good for other subjects too, not just science.
BBC Bitesize Physics Physics Edexcel GCSE (9-1) Whole course – Click Here Useful revision pages with exercises, quizzes and more covering each topic
Suggested revision timetable Optional revision tasks 2021-2022 – Click Here The document includes links to BBC Bitesize and has suggested revision tasks use the power point ‘How can you revise properly’ to help.
How can you revise properly Power point – Click Here Power point with ideas and instructions on how to revise and perform different tasks. This is suitable for all subjects.
Free Revision guide Revision Guide with Video links, Hints, Tips and Revision Plans – Click Here Free revision guide from Primrose Kitten The guide includes all three GCSE subjects – use the sections you need. (Please ignore the exam dates as they change each year)
Youtube Channel - Primrose Kitten

Paper 1 - here     

Paper 2 - here

Other resources

- Click Here
Primrose Kitten has a very useful you tube channel, click on other resources to find plenty more videos for each topic and more. Also see the free revision guide.
Revision Power points

Revision Power points

Click Here
On SharePoint – Includes Pixl Know it PPTs and more
Physics and Maths Tutor Revision website

Physics revision

- Click Here

Edexcel GCSE Physics revision split into paper 1 and 2. It includes notes, flashcards and questions


Job Opportunities / Careers

IOP (Institute of physics) – Click Here
Royal Society of Biology – Click Here
Royal society of Chemistry – Click Here
National careers website – Click Here
Science Jobs on Share Point – Click Here