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History (up to GCSE)

ST Georges Day 2 019History GCSE is a good academic subject to have as part of a range of qualifications because it is universally recognised and accepted for a wide range of jobs or further education courses. This is because History teaches core skills such as interpretation, analysis, and evaluation as well as an understanding of the past, which of course, shapes our future.

Ms O'Sullivan, Teacher of History

Subject Vision

Our History Curriculum

St George’s provides a broad, stimulating and enjoyable curriculum, which engages, motivates and challenges all pupils, giving them the knowledge, skills and understanding to grow as individuals, preparing them for the next stage in their lives.

Broad – We ensure our pupils have a broad understanding of Britain and the wider world across different time periods.

Stimulating – We provide stimulation through teaching historical concepts for example: change and continuity, cause and consequence, and significance. Using them to analyse the past.

Enjoyable – We believe that history is enjoyable when pupils have the opportunity to experience a range of activities that allow them to make the most of their individual skills.

Engaging – We believe that through the study of history our pupils can make links and gain a wider understanding of current topics and events.

Motivating – We believe that through motivation we engender a lifelong love of history.

Challenging – We believe that our pupils deserve the opportunity to engage with evidence and arguments about the past that stretch and challenge their preconceived ideas about the world.



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Our Learning Journey

Learning Journey History Template

GCSE Subject information - KS4

Course Content

History pupils at St George’s study the AQA course

The first paper will cover the following topics:

Germany, 1890–1945: Democracy and dictatorship
  • Germany and the growth of democracy
  • Germany and the Depression
  • The experiences of Germans under the Nazis
Conflict and tension between East and West, 1945–1972
  • The origins of the Cold War
  • The development of the Cold War
  • Transformation of the Cold War

The second paper will cover the following topics:

Britain: Health and the people: c1000 to the present day
  • Medicine stands still
  • The beginnings of change
  • A revolution in medicine
  • Modern medicine
Elizabethan England, c1568–1603
  • Elizabeth’s court and parliament
  • Life in Elizabethan times
  • Troubles at home and abroad
  • The historic environment of Elizabethan England 

How the course is assessed

Pupils study four topics, which are assessed in two 2 hour exams at the end of year 11.

Where Next?

Pupils who study GCSE History often choose to continue to study it at A Level, or use it as a stepping-stone to other similar subjects like Government and Politics or Law.

Job Opportunities

Studying History can lead to a whole host of exciting career options, including Journalism, Law, Business, Politics, Archaeology, Marketing, Teaching, Banking and Acting.

GCSE History - Course Information

GCSE Revision Information - KS4

General Information (Useful Informaiton for Parents)

We follow the AQA syllabus.

Students have been issued with passwords and user names for the Pixl History App. Use the link below to access it on a computer, or download the App from an App store. Click Here

A highly recommended resource is the BBC Teach YouTube channel which has many videos suitable for the Germany and Health units. Click Here

There are currently two revision guides are available from finance. The CGP guide is £3.25 and contains revision notes on Germany, Health and Elizabeth, but not the Cold War. The Hodder Guide is £7.50 and contains revision notes and tips on all four units. It also has a link to a revision site that has quick quizzes and example answers to exam questions.

The final place to find revision resources is the student area of the school SharePoint. Here you will find a range of different activities to stretch and challenge you.

We recommend BBC Bitesize - History

Personal Learning Checklist - Paper 1 Personal Learning Checklist - Paper 2

Germany 1890 - 1945

Conflict and Tension 1945 - 1972



Example Exam Questions/Model Answers - 
Paper 1
Example Exam Questions/Model Answers - 
Paper 2
Paper 1 - Question Papers and Example answers Paper 2 - Questions Papers and Example Answers
Revision Materials/Sharepoint

Link to Sharepoint

Pupils must log in with their username as their usual computer login followed by (e.g. and their usual password they use to log on to school laptops

Job Opportunities / Careers