Citizen Card Photo ID

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Despite lockdown ID is still needed, for example to prove your age in shops and for home delivery of age-restricted goods. Apply before the 31st March 2021 and you can get a YOTI CitizenCard for just £5 instead of £12.

A YOTI CitizenCard is police-approved PASS ID. You can then create a digital identity with the free YOTI app - the safer way to prove who you are especially during the lockdown. You can use the Yoti app to prove your age at most convenience stores across England & Wales (you need to show your CitizenCard if buying alcohol) and soon at Post Offices too.

If you have lost or damaged your CitizenCard, your name or appearance has changed or your current age band has expired, you can also apply for a replacement card.

Apply before 31st March 2021 to get your Yoti CitizenCard for £5, instead of £12.

The online discount code is: